Zoo Project
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A memo was received from XYZ Zoo Inc. for your development team's assistance. Please click on link below to access the memo.


Each group will consist of a 4 member team. The group roles are as follows:

1. Nutritionist / Public Relations: this person will look at the animal's diets and determine what to feed each of the zoo
organisms in addition, this person will create the main portion of the presentation media to deliver to
the board of directors.
things to consider: type of animal (herbivore, carnivore, omnivore), what does animal eat, how often should they
eat, etc. as well as designing the presentation media

2. Ecologist: this person will look at and develop the animal's habitat within the zoo
things to consider: where would this animal live, what types of conditions do they need to survive, type of
shelter (if needed), who are their "enemies" that they can't play nice with at the zoo; in addition, this person will be the main person in charge of making the poster portion of the project

3. Reproduction Specialist: this person will identify how and under what conditions the animals can
reproduce, they will also be responsible creating the "hybrid" organisms within the zoo
things to consider: type of reproduction, life cycle information, how many young are created, etc.; in addition, this person will be required to help both the nutritionist and the ecologist with the presentation media (poster and presentation itself)
  • this person will be responsible for creating the 5 hybrids (no LIGERS! - be creative!)

4. Taxonomist: this person will identify the correct classification of each of the organisms within the zoo
things to consider: determine scientific name of each organism

  • in addition, this person will be responsible for making a dichotomous key of all the zoo animals chosen and keeping team members on task (making sure daily tasks on check sheet are completed and reporting to CEO of development firm - aka teacher)

ALL development team members are responsible for contributing to the presentation media as well as the model of the zoo. Additionally, ALL team members will be responsible for contributing during the presentation!

  • Each group will need to complete a group member responsibility sheet and place in their folder before check point 1!

Final Requirements:
Poster Board (zoo model)
5-10 minute Semi-Formal Presentation (google slides)

Here are some resources you might find helpful in your search for information about the animals in your zoo . .Fact Sheets:



Scientific Names:



Morphing Software (sites to create hybrids):

Hybrid Fact Sheets:



Other Zoo Requirements:

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Evaluation **
Each group will need to pass a check point 1, on Wednesday 05/03/17. Each group will have to meet with me during class time with all material that they have gathered so far.
Your project will be graded based on the rubric below.

Zoo Check Sheets- includes check point items (dates will be determined on a class-by-class basis)


Zoo Rubric- your final grade will be calculated using the attached rubric (includes oral presentation, visual presentation, and final product)
*must have one printed out per group for presentation day!

Congratulations!!!! Your company was hired to develop the zoo. We will contact you soon with the information needed. In the mean time, here are some resources you may wish to visit to help you along.